Who says your dream wedding needs to take a year to plan and cost thousands of dollars? Many couples today are choosing to ditch the hassle and would rather go for a quick, easy  & intimate elopement. The side benefit is a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony that focuses more on the feeling than the frosting.

Pike Place MarketSeattle Elopement - Pike Place Market

Tiffany & Derek wanted to get married in Seattle but not in a courthouse. They planned to get married in the famous Pike Place Market but weren’t sure exactly where. They were also traveling to Seattle by themselves, with no friends in the area. In their spirit of adventure, Tiffany planned on just asking some random people at the market, which is always filled with tourists and locals enjoying the fish, wares, restaurants and the views.

Water View Ceremony

We decided to meet up at a coffee shop, Local Color, which true to name, was filled with Northwest coffee, beer, pasties, art work and colorful patrons. After meeting and filling out the required paperwork, we walked into the cobblestone street, passing by lines of people waiting for freshly made pastries, street musicians and guided street tours. Derek wanted a water view so we walked across the street to the Victor Steinbrueck Park, which looks out over the majestic Elliott Bay. On the way to the edge of the park, Tiffany quickly spotted two women sitting on a park bench, soaking up the sights. She walked right up and asked them if they would be witnesses for their wedding.  Traveling out of town for business, they weSeattle Elopement Wedding at Pike Place Marketre more than happy to help and even took extra pictures to show their friends from home that it “really happened!”

Standing in front of a towering, 50-foot cedar Totem Pole, we began the ceremony, Derek & Tiffany holding hands with the stunning view behind us.  The Totem Pole seemed to offer protection for this most intimate & profound expression in such a public space. Even so, people walking by paused in happy surprise to see the impromptu wedding unfolding before their very eyes. The paradox of the public and private moment combined with the depth of feeling brought contagious smiles from everyone.

Totem Poles & Magicians

After signing the paperwork, more picture taking and the exchanging of phone numbers, we stood there just talking while Mr. Unity, a Vietnamese Magician, approached us asking to perform a magic trick. As the park is often filled with colorful characters, Derek & Tiffany kindly obliged. His trick involved having them each hold an end of a long rope. He had Tiffany cut the rope with a scissor. He then tied and magicSeattle Elopement Wedding at Pike Place Marketally rubbed the string and it appeared to instantly become whole again. Although he was working the crowd for funds (to send back home to his people in Vietnam he explained), the coincidental symbolism was sweet and clear. Ropes cut into two and then magically rejoining into one again represents marriage as much as the traditional unity candle. Two people combine their talents, passions, interests and lives and become stronger for their union.

With such a short ceremony, Derek & Tiffany had the rest of the day and evening to celebrate their first day as husband and wife, exploring the Seattle waterfront, the gorgeous views and the many hidden treasures and restaurants in the Pike Place area. We wish them incredible joy with many happy memories of their most special and unique wedding at Pike Place Market.